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Dear Guest, 

Here is a list of Q&As you may find useful.  If, after reading this you decide you would like to try Biomagnetic Pair Therapy or still have more questions please do use the 'contact me form' at the bottom of the Therapies & Bookings page. 

What is Biomagnetism ?

Although the Ancients used magnet therapy, Biogmagnetic Pair Therapy is a relatively new & revolutionary science which can help the body heal from many illnesses.  

It is a therapeutic and diagnostic procedure which uses Pairs of dual polarity magnets and kinesiology on the feet.  Pairs of magnets are placed in specific areas of the body that the therapist has identified as being unbalanced.  The magnets work together to restore normal pH levels and enable the body to heal itself.

The body is a magnificent machine and it works pretty much automatically at a normal and neutral pH level of around 7.3.  But our lifestyle or trauma sometimes cause magnetic fields and acid & alkaline points to develop in the body, allowing pathogens to accumulate and flourish to dangerous levels.  

So it is the job of the therapist to find those unbalanced points, place Pairs of magnets accordingly and bring balance to the affected part of the body enabling it to heal naturally.

What Can Biomagnetism Help With?

Biomagnetism is helpful for any condition, both physical and emotional.  It helps to restore balance to the mind and body, here are some examples:

Chronic pain, Injury, Fybromyalgia, Lyme disease, Intestinal problems, Hypertension
Mood disorders, Organ dysfunction, Back pain, Fertility, Allergies, Arthritis
Emotional stability
Obesity, Addictions, and more....

What can Biomagnetism Heal?      

Biomagnetism can help treat an infinite number of physical and psychological conditions ranging from mild depression and stress through to chronic and life threatening diseases.  It identifies dysfunction in organs, glands and tissue through kinesiology (muscle test response using the patient's feet).  It is non-invasive and can be very successful.  However,  as with every method of healing, it is also dependent on the severity of the illness and the willingness of the person who is suffering from it, to want to heal and change their lifestyle. 

What happens during a treatment ?   

Initially I take a personal history from you and then ask you to lie on a couch so I can scan your body using magnets and kinesiolgy (muscle testing) to find any imbalances.  I apply magnetic pairs to any areas I find imbalances. You will be dressed and comfortable during the session, it is not invasive and it does not hurt.  If anything, you may fall asleep during a treatment.   Wear comfy clothes and be prepared to remove your shoes.  

My treatments are a mix of Biomagnetism, Reiki Healing and you can expect plenty of advice on natural healing and nutrition.  Each client is special and unique to me and no two sessions are identical. 

Treatments can also be done remotely, whereby I use myself as a surrogate for you.   If you are able to accept this type of quantum physical approach, it can work exceptionally well.

How Long is the Treatment? 

The first session is likely to take around 1 hour 15 minutes.  Thereafter, if you need more sessions they are generally one hour.  I offer discounts for people who may need many sessions but this is determined at the first meeting and, of course, depends on the nature of the problem.

How many Treatments/Sessions will I need ?   

I like to work with people for at least 3 sessions but many different factors come into play and so this is generally discussed at the first session.   Of course, you are not required to book 3 sessions if after the first session you find this therapy is not for you.

Are There Any Side Effects?      

Biomagnetism continues to work through the body for up to 7 days after treatment and it is possible to feel a mild 'healing crisis' -  a detoxification. Not everybody feels it but it is possible to feel tired, itchy and maybe have a headache or an upset tummy but symptoms quickly pass.  As we bring the body into balance, pathogens have to be eliminated in some way -  through the skin, the bowel, the bladder, through exhalation etc.   However, more often than not, patients tell me they feel energised.  I think that natural healing requires courage as we take responsibility for our own wellbeing but I also think it's an effort very worth making. 

Will it Affect any Medication I am Taking?     

Biomagnetism is not a replacement for conventional medicine if you are taking any.  It complements other treatments and conventional medicine and will enhance your healing.  However, I do advise clients to tell their doctor that they are having treatment, especially so that any prescription medicines can be monitored over time and altered/ceased accordingly. Biomagnetism is not advisable for people who have had chemotherapy within the last year or those with heart pacemakers (it may run down the batteries).  You will be required to sign your notes to ensure you understand that this is a natural therapy and is not a replacement for advice from your own doctor.

I am Pregnant, can I Still Have Biomagnetism Treatments?   

Mums-to-be can be treated but magnets cannot be placed on the abdomen.  I personally prefer to give a mix of Biomagnetism and Reiki Healing to pregnant women and their babies.

Who Discovered Biomagnetic Pair Therapy?        

A Mexican doctor and scientist called Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran; a physiotherapist and physician. He discovered the Biomagnetic Pair while treating an HIV positive patient in 1988 - who he cured.  Since then he has discovered over 350 Biomagnetic Pairs to treat many different diseases.  Dr Goiz and his son, Moises, teach this therapy to others like me and they continue to research and develop this amazing science. Moises Goiz developed NeuroBiomagnetism.

How can I get to your Practice?     

You can book a treatment at The Hale Clinic, Harley Street, London W1 and the nearest Tube is Bond Street.  Cross Oxford Street and you will see Debenhams store, Harley Street is a 5 minute walk North and the Clinic is at No. 4 Harley Street.

For the Natural Healing & Biomagnetism Clinic, at The Royal Borough of Greenwich, SE18, nearest DLR and Rail is Woolwich Arsenal and the 244 bus will bring you outside.  North Greenwich Jubilee Line tube is also not too far and the busroute is the 486 but that's a slightly longer bus journey.  There is also ample parking outside. 

How much does it Cost?

At the Greenwich Clinic, prices are £90 per hour.  Prices vary for other locations, such as The Hale Clinic.  Please use the link and form on the Contact page to send enquiries.

How can I Book a Treatment?    

Use the email link or complete the short form on the  Contact page and I will respond asap. You may also call or message me direct on 07905 110966, there is an answerphone option if I am unavailable when you call.  Thank you and I look forward to meeting you.

Please Note:   I am not a medical doctor, I am a certified Biomagnetism Therapist and Healer.  I do not practice medicine and will not ask you to discontinue any medication you may be taking or discourage you from consulting with your own doctor.  I am fully insured for the alternative therapies that I practice and will ask you to sign a disclaimer if you choose to work with me.  Thank you.