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Meditation & Energy Healing in the Woods by Susan Saloom

My outdoor therapy room today!  This was a Metaphysical Guided Meditation session for releasing thought patterns and which no longer serve the present day for this client. 

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The Power of You by Susan Saloom

What do most of us do in times of crisis and need?  We tend to look outside of ourselves don't we - to God or something outwith & separate from ourselves as individuals.  We may even feel the need to go to a sacred place in order for our request to carry more weight! This is largely learned behaviour;  we pray to something but perhaps we should be praying with something..... and maybe we can do that right here & now where we're standing....

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Biomagnetism Distance Healing by Susan Saloom

Distance Healing is possible anytime, wherever you are in the world, but in Covid times it's particularly valuable if you are unable to visit a therapist or leave your home due to illness or other restrictions. Here's how I do it.....

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Natural Healing Clinic Greenwich, London by Susan Saloom

The power of plants around us cannot be underestimated in my view.  This is the entrance to my Clinic, and it's also my home.   When clients and guests come here, they always comment on the garden and most  stop for a moment and take a deep breath.  That's what the natural environment does to us, it's calming and healing.  We don't have to think about it, it's automatic.......

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10 Ways to Strengthen Your Spirit & Health During Covid by Susan Saloom


It's not an easy time but here are some things that have been helping me stay positive and energised:-

  1.  Routine:  get up early and set do-able positive intentions for the day.
  2. Exercise Outdoors:  daily, preferably in green space or woodland. 
  3. Energy Shifters:  try indoor exercise with YouTube videos like Qigong, Yoga, Pilates - great for shifting stuck energy......

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Peace & Serenity in the Midst of Chaos? by Susan Saloom

I chose these cards for my own meditation today but perhaps they apply to all of us in the midst of Covid.  We've been forced off the hamster wheel.  There's time to think and open up to the possibiity that there's more to us than we thought.  Can we really find peace, serenity and health in the midst of great turmoil?....

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'Tap' Away Anxiety in Troubled Times by Susan Saloom

When it's not possible to meet in person, Skype is a great alternative face to face option.  Emotional Freedom Technique 'Tapping', which is an amazing way to bring down anxiety and stress, works really well on Skype.  As does guided meditation, coaching, counselling and distance healing with Reiki and Biomagnetism. 

 So don't be alone at this time, for online appointments, connect with me at:  www.naturalhealing-biomagnetism.com   or Susan.Saloom1  on Skype or call me direct on 0044 7905 110966

We need more love and light in these troubled times, Susan xxx

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Natural Healing & Biomagnetism for Animals by

This is Bella and her newborn pups.  After a perfect pregnancy, she had some problems in the first week of whelping.  Her journey to health with a bit of natural therapy was really quite miraculous......

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