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The Beauty of Mindfulness by Susan Saloom

Mindfulness in a nutshell.  It takes practice; the mind loves to wander back or forward in time.  Staying in the moment is not always easy but this is an image to help bring you back to the present.  Whatever is going on in life, and even in the darkest moments or darkest memories, we can  take a breath, be still and ask 'where is the blessing here?'   There will always be one.

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Happy 'Tapping' by Susan Saloom

We perhaps can't be happy all the time but we can certainly try! One of my tools for staying in the positive is Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, often known as Tapping.   If you don't know how to do it, come and learn with me...

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Reiki Gift Vouchers by Susan Saloom

Give the wonderful experience of Reiki this Christmas with a Voucher from The Natural Healing Company.....

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Chemo and Reiki by Susan Saloom

Chemo is a tough treatment, it really takes its toll on body and emotions but Reiki can help.....

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Reiki Attunement for Transformational Change by Susan Saloom

 What's the difference between change and transformational change?  Well the latter becomes more meaningful and takes on a mind, body and spirit approach rather than just a straight forward change of circumstance....

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Biomagnetism & Energy Healing by Susan Saloom

A few of my favourite things!  Powerful Biomagnetic Pair healing magnets, meditation and crystals.  The body has the most incredible power to heal itself, we just need to understand that and find someone to help us tap into our own power....

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