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Hello March by Susan Saloom

Spring is finally here and I have been reflecting on what I will leave behind in the darkness of Winter and what I will put my energy into as we go forward into the sun.  How about you?

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Is Electromagnetic Sensitivity a New thing? by Susan Saloom

No, absolutely not and people who worked telephones, radar etc. in the 20th century,  often suffered terribly from stress and the chronic fatigue type diseases that we have so much of today.  They were considered awkward and over imaginative - so not much has changed!

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Biomagnetism for WeightLoss by Susan Saloom

Dieting is a national obsession and there are endless calorie counting & surgery options but few people address the underlying causes for why they're carrying excess weight.  More often than not, it has an emotional root and/or it's a childhood pattern of eating which has just carried through into adulthood.  So what can you do about it?

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Bee Propolis Tincture for Cold Sores by Susan Saloom

Bee Propolis Tincture kills cold sores stone dead. It's a 'must try' for people with Herpes Simplex.  This virus can be cured with Biomagnetism, you actually don't have to live with it at all, and ingesting Bee Propolis Tincture may work too but this wonderful bee product also has many other quite amazing anti-inflammatory health benefits....

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