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The Power of You by Susan Saloom

What do most of us do in times of crisis and need?  We tend to look outside of ourselves don't we - to God or something outwith & separate from ourselves as individuals.  We may even feel the need to go to a sacred place in order for our request to carry more weight! This is largely learned behaviour;  we pray to something but perhaps we should be praying with something..... and maybe we can do that right here & now where we're standing....

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NCODE Biomagnetic Balance for the Mind by Susan Saloom

NCODE is a revolutionary fast track therapy for balancing the mind created by Moises Goiz.  We all need a little help with our 'mind chatter' and even more so with thoughts and patterns we may have formed long ago that no longer serve us in our present lives.  So how does it work?

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