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The Beauty of Mindfulness by Susan Saloom

Mindfulness in a nutshell.  It takes practice; the mind loves to wander back or forward in time.  Staying in the moment is not always easy but this is an image to help bring you back to the present.  Whatever is going on in life, and even in the darkest moments or darkest memories, we can  take a breath, be still and ask 'where is the blessing here?'   There will always be one.

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Mindful Spring Cleanup by Susan Saloom

Most of us find it hard to let go of stuff don't we - I'm getting better at it though!  I love taking stuff down to the charity shop because I know someone will put whatever it is to better use.  And there's another angle to letting go of clutter, which I really benefit from and so can you - it allows more energy to flow freely around you, making way for new things to flow to you . Having a cluttered living or working space is a definite no no, it's self sabotaging....

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Loving Yourself - Why is it so Hard? by Susan Saloom

Loving and caring for yourself is not selfish behaviour, it's essential behaviour.  So why do we tend to beat ourselves up with thoughts like:  I'm too fat, too thin, too unattractive, not clever enough, not confident enough, I don't have time for myself,  and so on....  We may also put others first long before we'll do anything for ourselves.  That's unsustainable in the longrun.  Strangely, many healers do this, hence the adage 'healer heal thyself'.   So why do we think & behave like this and what can we do about it?

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EFT 'Tapping for Kids' by Susan Saloom

It's never to soon to teach kids creative practices like meditation, visualisation & Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique).   It can really boost their confidence and help them to be happier & healthier. .. 

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