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Learn Reiki Healing for Your Own Wellbeing & to Help Others by Susan Saloom

Reiki Healing is an energy healing system which helps you to stay happy & healthy, or to recover health and wellbeing.  It's a great route to thinking in a 3 dimensional way - mind, body and spirit - and that really is the only path to lasting health & happiness.  Wellbeing is a lifelong journey and Reiki is a wonderful healing modality to use on the way.  Read on for course dates in London in 2019. 

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Counselling Walks & Talks by Susan Saloom

We all need a little help now and then to work through issues but counselling doesn't have to take place in a clinical practice.  On the contrary, getting out in nature and soaking up a bit of earth energy whilst talking through issues and problems is incredibly healing.

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