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Natural Healing & Biomagnetism

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Online 'Tapping' for Weightloss with Susan by Susan Saloom

Dieting only goes so far and if you continually struggle with your weight, then the chances are there are deeper energetic reasons for that.  'Tapping' (Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT) helps get to the underlying issues, read on to find out how ....

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Hello March by Susan Saloom

Spring is finally here and I have been reflecting on what I will leave behind in the darkness of Winter and what I will put my energy into as we go forward into the sun.  How about you?

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what Does Energy EFT 'Tapping' Do? by Susan Saloom

We talk and tap our fingers on meridian lines in the hands and face and it releases stuck energy within us.  Each meridian has a function, for example, the stomach meridian (under the eyes) helps release fear and anxiety.  Read on to find out more.... 

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ChokuRay Empowerment Symbols of Reiki by Susan Saloom

In Seichem Reiki we use 2 forms of ChokuRay, which are the power symbols you might use if you were Reiki Attuned to Levels I and II.  Read on to find out what they mean.

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Biomagnetism & Energy Healing by Susan Saloom

A few of my favourite things!  Powerful Biomagnetic Pair healing magnets, meditation and crystals.  The body has the most incredible power to heal itself, we just need to understand that and find someone to help us tap into our own power....

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Meditation & Energy Healing in the Woods by Susan Saloom

My outdoor therapy room today!  This was a Metaphysical Guided Meditation session for releasing thought patterns and which no longer serve the present day for this client. 

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