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Natural Healing & Biomagnetism

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The Power of You by Susan Saloom

What do most of us do in times of crisis and need?  We tend to look outside of ourselves don't we - to God or something outwith & separate from ourselves as individuals.  We may even feel the need to go to a sacred place in order for our request to carry more weight! This is largely learned behaviour;  we pray to something but perhaps we should be praying with something..... and maybe we can do that right here & now where we're standing....

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Indian Head Massage and Healing by Susan Saloom

Autumn offer - an hour session of relaxing Indian Head Massage with some Reiki Healing and Guided Meditation.  Shake off the old as the Season turns, give thanks and move on to new beginnings.

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Does Biomagnetism Work for Back Pain & Sciatica by Susan Saloom

Biomagnetism can be very effective for relieving back pain and Sciatica.  In fact I've known it to stop Sciatica in it's tracks with just one session.  Here is a review from a client who had been suffering with this condition for some time when I first met her........

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New Wave of Vegans - Getting Enough B Vits? by Susan Saloom

I have a mainly plant based diet but it's super important to include enough B Vits in your diet and that's true whether you're vegetarian or not!  Signs of deficiency can be tiredness, sore mouth, tongue, throat, ulcers that recur or won't heal, lethargy, candida overgrowth, palpitations and more....  

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Stress and Emotions by Susan Saloom

They say stress causes illness but what does that actually mean? It's not just about being too busy or overloaded, that's symptomatic not causal. Longterm stress is very much about emotions, unresolved issues, traumas, anger, secrets, which have not been able to find an outward expression and have eventually manifested in the body as an illness of some kind....

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What is Life Reflecting Back to You? by Susan Saloom

The 'Law of Reflection' mirrors our inner world, so take a look around you and notice what life is reflecting back to you.   It's not the easiest idea to get to grips with but, simply put,   have a look around your home, garden, office space - is it beautiful, messy, tidy, too tidy, welcoming, repelling.  What thoughts come to you as you look around?    I often find my car reflects things back to me too, especially if anything goes wrong with it!


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Angel Cards for Guidance by Susan Saloom

Sometimes we need a little help and guidance from the universe and Angel Cards are a beautiful and comforting way of navigating life's highways.  This card happened to come up for one of my precious clients this morning and it brings a wonderful message ....

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Health & Happiness are all that really Matter by Susan Saloom

Why are so many people struggling to be healthy and happy these days?  Life is more hectic and stressful than ever before and it seems the faster we run, the harder it gets.  Is there an answer?  In my view, yes..... 

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