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Hello March by Susan Saloom

Spring is finally here and I have been reflecting on what I will leave behind in the darkness of Winter and what I will put my energy into as we go forward into the sun.  How about you?

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what Does Energy EFT 'Tapping' Do? by Susan Saloom

We talk and tap our fingers on meridian lines in the hands and face and it releases stuck energy within us.  Each meridian has a function, for example, the stomach meridian (under the eyes) helps release fear and anxiety.  Read on to find out more.... 

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January Intentions for Health & Happiness by Susan Saloom

I love Winter morning walks in the woods, wrapped up warm in the watery sunlight.  Breathing the cold air deep into my lungs, invigorating and exhilarating.  

January runs away so quickly, I find, and even in lockdown it seems!  However I always make time to set intentions for the year ahead.  I like to have goals and plans for my self-investment, my work, my family & friends time, and of course my health and wellbeing.   

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Spiritual Life Coaching by Susan Saloom

Want a little bit more of that  'on top of the world' feeling?  Try spiritual life coaching - like life coaching but with a 3 dimensional mind, body and spirit approach,.  I'm not quite on top of the world in this photo - on top of The 02 at Greenwich actually, but I do count my blessings everyday.  Here's how to work with me....

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Health & Happiness are all that really Matter by Susan Saloom

Why are so many people struggling to be healthy and happy these days?  Life is more hectic and stressful than ever before and it seems the faster we run, the harder it gets.  Is there an answer?  In my view, yes..... 

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Biomagnetism for WeightLoss by Susan Saloom

Dieting is a national obsession and there are endless calorie counting & surgery options but few people address the underlying causes for why they're carrying excess weight.  More often than not, it has an emotional root and/or it's a childhood pattern of eating which has just carried through into adulthood.  So what can you do about it?

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