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Learn Reiki & Seichem Healing by Susan Saloom

I am a Master Teacher member of the Reiki and Seichem Association and this photo was taken at a recent gathering.  I am sitting front, right.  I regularly teach Reiki & Seichem Levels I and II at Shooters Hill, Greenwich, London.  If you would like to learn please get in touch.  It's a beautiful practice and a perfect start to your own healing journey and to help others.

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You are as Important as Anyone Else by Susan Saloom

How is that so many of us think that we are not so important as others? We often think others are wealthier, more intelligent, more beautiful, more capable and so on... We can be incredibly self limiting and this is likely to be learned behaviour.  So how can we change our patterns of thought?

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Are Your Thoughts Making You Sick? by Susan Saloom

Our thoughts & emotions create our future reality and it's not always obvious but to give an example of this in it's negative form; a period of unhappiness or a shock event can occur and sometime later we find we get the flu or perhaps sink into a depression, or worse.  There is often a time delay and we tend not to relate the illness back to the event.   So how does this happen?

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Biomagnetism for Pain Relief by Susan Saloom

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is a great way of scanning the body for imbalances and then correcting any problems with pairs of magnets (a positive and a negative).  But it's also great for pain relief using just the negative pole of the magnet.....

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Bee Propolis Tincture for Cold Sores by Susan Saloom

Bee Propolis Tincture kills cold sores stone dead. It's a 'must try' for people with Herpes Simplex.  This virus can be cured with Biomagnetism, you actually don't have to live with it at all, and ingesting Bee Propolis Tincture may work too but this wonderful bee product also has many other quite amazing anti-inflammatory health benefits....

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Urine Therapy for Rosacea and Skin Inflammation by Susan Saloom

Urine has been used for beauty and healing through the ages.  It's particularly good for healing rosacea, acne, spots and other inflamed skin complaints.  It's also great for revitalising normal and mature skin. Here's how to use it ....

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The Fear of Cancer by Susan Saloom

The fear of having cancer treatment can actually be worse than the fear of the disease itself.  Terror kicks in and the body's fight or flight mechanism goes into overdrive and stays that way -  flooding the body with stress hormones.   It's called 'Diagnosis Shock' and it's a lonely, frightening place.  You'll be told you have few options and you'll probably be encouraged to rush into chemo for a cancer that may have been there for a long time already.  There's no time to think and in any case you can't think because you are terrified.  So what can you do?  

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