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Rosehip Syrup Immune Boost by Susan Saloom

I love the Autumn and it's a great time to forage for Rosehips and late Summer fruits like Blackberries and Damsons which are packed with Vit C and great for the immune system. Here is a recipe for Rosehip Syrup....

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Peace & Serenity in the Midst of Chaos? by Susan Saloom

I chose these cards for my own meditation today but perhaps they apply to all of us in the midst of Covid.  We've been forced off the hamster wheel.  There's time to think and open up to the possibiity that there's more to us than we thought.  Can we really find peace, serenity and health in the midst of great turmoil?....

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New Wave of Vegans - Getting Enough B Vits? by Susan Saloom

I have a mainly plant based diet but it's super important to include enough B Vits in your diet and that's true whether you're vegetarian or not!  Signs of deficiency can be tiredness, sore mouth, tongue, throat, ulcers that recur or won't heal, lethargy, candida overgrowth, palpitations and more....  

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Fags or Vapes? Neither! by Susan Saloom

Quite apart from the obvious dangers of walking around with your head in the clouds, is vaping better than fags? In the longterm, definitely not.  But in the shorterm, vapers would argue that it's helped them quit the pernicious weed.  But they'll still be arguing anyway because they're still in the throes of addiction - only to the vape and not the fags?!  It's a bit like quitting fags and putting on 5 stone because eating cake replaced smoking. So how do you recover from addiction?

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Biomagnetism for Fertility Problems by Susan Saloom

Wanting a baby and not being able to conceive is absolutely one of the worse pains in life and I know that through personal experience.  Luckily, I was able to raise a little girl that I didn't give birth to and perhaps that was just meant to be.  

However, before she miraculously appeared in my life, I did try several rounds of IVF.  It failed and the pressure it put on my health and my relationship was overwhelming.  If I were to go back in time, I would take a more natural and holistic approach to my desire for a child. 

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The Power of Nature - Forest Lore Cards by Susan Saloom

The 'Nettle' card is one of a pack of 27 'Forest Lore' divination cards channelled by me from Oxleas Woods, an ancient woodland which is part of the 50 mile Green Chain Walk on the outskirts of SE London.  

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by Susan Saloom

I don't think we fully realise the damage being done to our bodies by radiation and EMFs (electro magnetic frequencies).  In any case, we're so addicted to our technology it's really only about damage limitation at this stage of the game.  House plants are great radiation soakers and these ones don't even need much water ......

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Bougainvillea Vibrational Medicine by Susan Saloom

Couldn't resist last night's full blue moon to make a vibrational tincture and Bougainvillea grows everywhere here in the Middle East.  It has powerful curative properties although it's only really used medicinally in South American countries - and mainly in a tea infusion.

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