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Online 'Tapping' for Weightloss with Susan by Susan Saloom

Dieting only goes so far and if you continually struggle with your weight, then the chances are there are deeper energetic reasons for that.  'Tapping' (Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT) helps get to the underlying issues, read on to find out how ....

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Day Retreats at Shooters Hill by Susan Saloom

Day retreats are a wonderful way of getting off the treadmill, without having to pack your bags and passport!  Join us for one of our day retreats at Shooters Hill, surrounding by beautiful views and ancient woodland. Here's what to expect.....

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Hello March by Susan Saloom

Spring is finally here and I have been reflecting on what I will leave behind in the darkness of Winter and what I will put my energy into as we go forward into the sun.  How about you?

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EFT Tapping Bear for Kids by Susan Saloom

EFT or Tapping, is a positive mindset technique often used by adults but also great for kids.  I use teddies with children and sew on buttons where the Tapping points are.  For example, heart chakra, crown chakra, all the main meridian lines which have meanings such as letting go of anger or fear. So what do the kids think of this? 

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January Fusion Treatments by Susan Saloom

Is your New Year off to a good start?  Need some help with your intention setting, health & wellbeing?  Try my 90 minute fusion treatments at Shooters Hill throughout January..... 

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Happy New Year, 2024! by

Wishing you many blessings in the forthcoming New Year. Need some help with your intentions, health and wellbeing? Take advantage of my January prices and treatment fusions..

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what Does Energy EFT 'Tapping' Do? by Susan Saloom

We talk and tap our fingers on meridian lines in the hands and face and it releases stuck energy within us.  Each meridian has a function, for example, the stomach meridian (under the eyes) helps release fear and anxiety.  Read on to find out more.... 

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