Are Your Teeth Killing You?

Amalgam fillings are 50% mercury, one of the most dangerous chemical elements on the planet and you can get them on the NHS.  We are also, on 'good advice', keeping dead teeth in our mouths with root canals.  In 2004, a Swiss doctor reviewed 150 clients with breast cancer and 147 of them had one or more root canals.   The Upper 1st and 2nd molars either side are on the same meridiens that pass through the breasts.  Our teeth are not simple pegs, they are part of the body as a whole.  So what about all those other aches and pains, is there a connection and what can you do?

Our bodies are whole, everything is connected and the immune system is our personal defence system.  If it's fighting infection in our teeth and trying to dissolve heavy metals (maybe for many years) then that's slowly affecting the entire body.  Each tooth is on a  meridien and relates to other organs and areas of the body - google search 'interactive tooth meridien charts' to find out which teeth relate to which organ.   

Just being at the dentist is harmful enough - from vapour given off by amalgam - which is even more dangerous for them, they're doing it all day.  Amalgam is toxic, it's polluting us and the planet.  As an aside, crematoriums in the UK are putting 2 tonnes of mercury into the air every year!  

Any amalgam fillings you already have can be replaced with non-metal white composite.   Similarly, dead teeth must be extracted.  Missing teeth can be filled with non-metal implants. Otherwise, the heavy metal and/or bacteria in root canals is ours to keep and keep it we do, for years and years until it shows up as a problem which, incidentally, can manifest anywhere in the body or morph into one of our recent diseases like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome and others. 

The only type of dentist to see is Biological or Holistic Dentist.  A conventional dentist cannot safely remove your amalgams because they are generally unqualified to do it and their environment is toxic anyway if they are still using amalgam.  Neither will they use non-metal implants or crowns etc, you'll need a Biological Dentist for that too.  They are few and far between but are becoming more and more popular, thankfully.   Try the British Society for Mercury Free Dentistry for a list. 

Love and Light, Susan 

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