Bee Propolis Tincture for Cold Sores

Bee Propolis tincture kills cold sores and skin eruptions in no time. It's a 'must try' for people with Herpes Simplex.  Incidentally, this virus can be successfully cured with Biomagnetism, you don't actually have to live with it at all, you can get rid of this pesky affliction for good.  But back to Bee Propolis tincture - it has many other quite amazing health benefits.

Bees make Propolis (bee glue) from whatever is botanically available around them.  They mix that with saliva and wax and  use it to glue their hives, prevent disease, parasites and disruptive energy and vibrations.  It can be very beneficial for us too:- 

- It's an all-round tonic which boosts the immune system.
- It kills bacteria and can significantly reduce dental bacterial.
- It can help to lower blood pressure.
- Helps stop allergies and hay fever
- Suppresses certain types of cancer cells - particularly in prostrate and colon cancer.
- It has anti-inflammatory properties and can help throughout the body with inflammation in the gut and joints - which is often the underlying cause of many chronic diseases.

So how do you use it?  For cold sores, skin lesions and spots apply it neat and topically morning and night.  It does not sting, I have tried it on a pesky sore inside the lining of my nose that had been annoying me throughout Winter and it healed in one day!  

For ingestion (which I did at the same time, to boost my immune system) take 5 drops neat or in water, juice or a teaspoon of honey on day one in the morning.  Do that for a couple of days to allow your body to adjust, then if you feel ok, do it twice a day morning and evening for a week or two.  

It's healing properties will be evident very quickly but give it time to gradually benefit the body overall.  It's a powerful anti-oxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties and will give the body an all-round boost.  If you feel it's helping and your condition is chronic then continue with it for a month, have a break for a week, then carry on until you feel better.

If you have bacterial problems in the mouth - dental issues, root canal infections etc. then ingest it as previous paragraph describes (to boost your immune system) but additionally make a mouth wash by adding 5 drops to a small glass of water.  Swill this around your mouth for a few minutes and spit out.  Make this brew 3 times a day and do it for a week.  

I have only recently discovered this tincture and I'm still experimenting with it but I have a feeling the health benefits are far greater than this short post describes so I will write about it again after a period of time.   I bought this tincture in a souk in the Middle East and this bottle is from Turkey.  However, you can buy it online from different parts of the world because bees are everywhere and we need to look after them - they are so important to the planet and all life on it.

Love and light, Susan xxx.

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