Chemo and Reiki

Chemo is a tough treatment, it really takes its toll on body and emotions but Reiki can help.

Ideally you would have Reiki (an energy healing treatment) on the same day as chemo or as soon after as possible.  One of the immediate benefits is a sense of being able to relax and step out of the fear.  Reiki helps to correct the body's energy flow and soothe away pain, helping to bring mind and body back to a sense of harmony.

I offer treatments in Greenwich, SE London at discounted rates for people undergoing chemotherapy.  I also work at The Hale Clinic (Harley Street) in Central London but unfortunately rates are higher there.  Nevertheless, if you would like to work with me then please do get in touch.  

If you are not in London, I'm sure you will be able to find a Reiki practitioner wherever you live.  I do offer distance healing of course but I also think that having an energy healer there with you to walk the journey will help tremendously. 

With love and blessings,

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