Healing Taster Sessions at the Mind, Body & Spirit Festival, Birmingham NEC 2019

Birmingham NEC's Mind, Body and Spirit Festival was better than ever this year.  I was a volunteer Reiki Healer in 2018 and this Autumn on the central stand sponsored by the Conferderation of Healing Organisations.  We offered healing sessions, meditations and talks throughout the weekend.  Tall Steve at the back of the photo gave an amazing and inspiring talk on how he was given 3 months to live 20 years ago! 

It was a very very busy Festival and it seems that more and more people are seeking ways to live better, healthier, happier lives.  The 'pill for the ill' just isn't working anymore.  

It was such a pleasure to meet so many wonderful people and to introduce a good many of them to the power of self Healing.   We can all do it, it's not unique to me or any other healer.  Every one of us has the power to tap into universal energy and change things for the better.  We just need someone to give us a step-up on the journey.

Blessings, Susan



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