Is Electromagnetic Sensitivity a New thing?

No, absolutely not and people who worked telephones, radar etc. in the 20th century,  often suffered terribly from stress and chronic fatigue type diseases that we have so much of today.  They were considered awkward and over imaginative - so not much has changed!

Presently, the media is bombarding us with news that 5G is coming to a lampost near each of us very soon but no studies have been done on the effects of 5G on the human body.  The industry doesn't feel it's necessary?!?  However, studies were done on 2G and 3G and the results showed that there were indeed risks to health. Tests were done mainly on rats and mice who developed particularly unusual brain tumors and heart problems, especially to the AV node - electrical bit of the heart).   

These studies also recommended that children under the age of 16 should not be given wifi technology as the risk to health was too high.  So go figure!  Where on earth did those study results end up - in the bin probably because they gave the industry the wrong answers.  Mmmm.  So next time someone tells you 'there is no evidence to support...(whatever it is).... just stop and think for a while and then assume that that's probably bull****!

So,  limiting the wifi is a good idea in all of our homes.   Use a direct cable into laptops etc and/or download things for the kids on any handheld gadgets.  Turn off the router at night. 

You might also think about taking the microwave to the Dump because it destroys whatever goodness is in your food.  Or, if you really can't live without it, at least turn it off at the plug when not in use because it leaks radiation at least 6 feet in all directions when left on standby.

Stay healthy and be a bit old fashioned sometimes.  S xx

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