Reiki Imbued Crystal & Copper Healing Pendants & Pendulums

Crystal jewellery is not just beautiful, it's amazingly healing and protective against negative energy & unwanted frequencies such as electromagnetic radiation.  I wear a clear quartz point & copper pendant because there are phone masts closeby where I live and I believe it helps keep me healthy and protected.

I always try my best to find stones that are ethically sourced and traded fairly and one of my recent delightful finds is clear quartz crystal mined in Wales.

All of my pendants and pendulums are individual crafted, using quality crystals and non tarnish copper, which is wonderfully grounding,  deflects radiation and encourages energy flow in the body.

I imbue them with the Dai Ko Myo Reiki Master Symbol which empowers them further.  

If you would like to order one for yourself or your children, please message me.  Perhaps you have a favourite crystal or you may like to seek my advice on which crystal may suit your needs.  Prices range from £10 upwards and depend on the size and type of the crystals used.  You can also visit my Etsy Shop at

With love & light,
07905 110966


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