The Power of You

What do most of us do in times of crisis and need?  We tend to look outside of ourselves don't we - to God or something outwith & separate from ourselves as individuals.  We may even feel the need to go to a sacred place in order for our request to carry more weight! This is largely learned behaviour;  we pray to something but perhaps we should be praying with something..... and maybe we can do that right here & now where we're standing.

If there is a God or a Universal Creative Principle of some kind that we are all connected to and part of, then it stands to reason that we too have that omnipresent power coursing through each of us.  We are not powerless at all.    This is the true meaning of positive and creative thinking.  If we align our thoughts with Universal Energy for the good of all then it cannot fail to manifest in some way.  

So how do we make the world a better place.  We think it, we pray with this Universal Energy and we be the change we want to see,  and slowly and surely it becomes reality.

Amen to that!

With love and peace, Susan x

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