Natural Healing & Biomagnetism

Therapy for Kids

Dear Guest,

I welcome children and babies at both clinics -  Greenwich and The Hale in Harley Street.   Therapies include Biomagnetism,  Reiki,  Guided Dream Meditations,  Walks & Talks in Nature,  EFT Tapping and distance healing (Reiki and Biomagnetism). 

To Book  click on the Contact page or, call or message me direct on 07905 110966 and we can talk about your child and decide which is the best therapy route - sometimes the best option is to have a mix of the therapies outlined below.   Parents/carers will be expected to stay with their children during sessions.   Prices start at £60 per hour in Greenwich and are more at The Hale in Central London.

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy (Biomagnetism)

Please click on the Biomagnetism page for an explanation of how this therapy works. It's particularly good for children with illness and allergy.  This can also be done through a distance healing technique if you are unable to bring your child to the clinic.
Price  £90 per hour.

 Walking, Talking Therapy in Nature

Exclusive to Greenwich because we are surrounded by beautiful park and woodland here.  We go out in nature - Ancient Oxleas Woods - and children can run around and talk about their issues in their own way, in their own time.  Our walk will include forest energy bathing, earthing (walking or sitting barefoot) and talking time on tree stumps.
Price £60 per hour.

Emotional Freedom Technique 'Tapping'

'Tapping' is a useful and fun tool to teach kids to enable them to grow in confidence, stay calm, deal with anxiety or challenges and feel happier.  They can learn to Tap on themselves or on a favourite toy like a teddy or a doll.   It's an energy raising technique where we learn to tap on meridian points on the face, body and hands and use positive words and intentions as we go.
Price £60 per hour (can be for individuals or groups)

Reiki Attunements & Guided Dream Meditation with Crystals    

Children love meditation & visualisation because they are often much more imaginative than adults and it's never too soon to teach them creative practices like this.  They generally adore crystals too!  Reiki Attunements are great for energy clearing and healing and can be done - on the therapy couch or seated, or distance. Each session is unique to the needs of the child.  
Price £60 per hour (again, can be for individuals or groups)

Reiki for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies

Reiki is a wonderful therapy to have during pregnancy, energising and calming in preparation for the birth - for mum and baby in utero.  It's also good for babies once born, especially if they are unsettled.  Some babies experience tummy pain in their early months.  Price £60 per hour for one off sessions, discounts for block sessions throughout pregnancy and after.

Distance Reiki Healing

This is especially good if you are unable to bring your child.   It is helpful to have a photo and some details of your child's issues.  Once we have arranged a time, I will ask you to sit quietly with your child so that we can sync the healing together.  Price £30 for 30 minutes.