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Dear Guest,

If you are anything like me, you like to read reviews before you book and so here are some of the things my clients have said about working with me, and it is about working together; I share your journey with you until we reach a better place and you are able to continue alone. 

I would not have coped without you (HS July 24)

I am so grateful for your support and therapy over the last year, I would never have coped with all the change without you, thank you so much

I'm so Glad I found You (KV April 24)

I'm so glad I found you, it has been life changing.  I feel I am starting a new chapter and it is finally my turn. Thank you so much

Love My Sessions with You (AK Mar 24)

I have tried so many different therapies, none of which really stand out for me, but I love my sessions with you, you are wonderful!

My Tapping Bear Makes me feel Peaceful  (M, 5 years old Feb 24)

Biomagnetism Works for Me (LM Feb 24)

You are an Angel, what would I do without you!

Magical Biomagnetic Session (KH Jan 24)

I'm not sure I fully understand how Biomagnetism works but I do know you have a magic way with it that makes me feel better, thank you.

Reiki Share Magic (IH June23)

It's magical to have regular Reiki shares with you.  The perfect opportunity to practice and I learn something new every time.

Amazing Day (NS June23)

Brilliant course, loved it so much.  I am starting to practice my Reiki every day and it is life changing to me, thank you so much!

Can't Believe How Much I learned (SB Mar23)

So enjoyed my day with you and the group.  I really can't believe how much I learned in one day.  Loved my attunement, very powerful for me.  Can't wait to do Level II.

The Best Course and Tutor (IH Mar23)

Really the best course and tutor I could have wished for.  Loved Reiki II, thank you Susan.

Amazing Reiki Level I (NP Feb23)

I have never done anything like this before and I was amazed I could actually feel somebody's aura energy.  The meditations and exercises were so calming and made me feel blissed, thank you Susan.

I am Beyond Grateful (AL Dec 2022)

I just wanted to reach out and say that I am beyond grateful for your support last year during Covid.

The Best Treatment I have ever had (IH Nov 22)

Susan, that was the best treatment I have ever had in my life, it was everything I needed, thank you so much! 

I'm Super Grateful for your Help (LS June 22)

My H outbreak has cleared and I am super grateful for your help and advice.  (Remote Biomagnetism healing treatment)

I Enjoyed Reiki Levels I and II.... (KL May22)

But taking the Master Teacher course was a different experience altogether.  It was amazing and I feel I have come home, that's the only way I can explain it.

Thank you for Today (Reiki Master Course AL Feb22)

Thank you so much for everything today, the course was such a blessing, I have no words

Today is the First Day this Year I've Felt Well (Ge Feb22)

Thank you!

Pain has Gone!  (YS Jan 22)

The pain in my shoulder and arm has gone and I have been able to stop taking pain killers.  The magnets really have done the job thank you so much.

Feeling So Much Better (AL Oct 21)

Wish I had reached out sooner.  No fever now and slept so well last night, thank you.

Chemo and Reiki 
(See blog for this too.  L Sep 21)

'Susan I just wanted to thank you again. I have been feeling very well today and it's all because of you.  I can't do this without you'

Thanks for a Great Session (LG Aug21)

Thanks for a great session appreciate all your insights and you won't believe it but my colon feels alive for the first time in years amazed makes me feel there is light.

Finally our Family is Complete (HCJuly21)

How lovely your good wishes are.  This little one finally did arrive!  Thank you for your  help on our journey.  So so happy

I'm so Glad I Found You (LJune21)

I felt desolate before my first session and now feel more centred and able to face my health problems.  I'm so glad I found you

Feeling a Lot Better  (KApr21)

In general I'm feeling a lot better.  More energy and clearer mind xx

Guided Meditation (DM Apr21)

I really enjoyed your recording , your mood and voice are very relaxing. I listened to it outside in a wooded area when the sun was out and I sat on a bench for a half hour, did me good thank you

Distance Healing (IS Mar21)

Wow I definitely felt that right from the start. My body felt buzzy and then filled with a golden glow until I dropped off to sleep. Lovely, thank you

The Woman I Look up to for Inspiration and Guidance(GMar 21)

I feel you have always understood me.  Blessed to have you around and for instilling the confidence in me that I'm powerful xx

I Feel so much Lighter (HL Feb 2021)

I feel like I have put something down, an invisible and heavy energy that I have been carrying around with me for a long time. This is the beginning of a new start for me thank you. 

Loved Your Forest Bathing Meditation (AG Jan 2021)

Thank you for this much needed meditation.  I loved it and it took me to a magical place far away from my worries.  I have listened to it over and over. You have such a soothing voice, thank you.

I'm so Glad I Found You! (LO Dec)

I am from South America and biomagnetism is very popular there.  I believe in it and it is best for me when I am not well.  I always feel better after seeing you and I am so glad I found you. Thank you so much you are so kind.

Magnets are the Best thing, Ever!  (IC Nov 20)

I have tried so many therapies and had so many tests and nothing helped but the magnets are absolutely the best thing ever, I'm so happy and comfortable for the first time in a long time. Thank you so much.

Reiki Attunement was my best Decision ever (GK Nov 20)

I will be in touch with you forever.  Thank u Susan for being here for me.

My Gut is Finally Healing (JD Nov 20)

Your magnets have become my best friends, I wear them every few days.  My health is finally stabilising, thank you for all your help.

I Feel like a Completely Different Person (JJ Oct 2020)

I feel like a completely different person.  It's still a long journey but I'm finally getting somewhere.  Thank you for your help and support.

I just love your Guided Meditation (Sept 20 G)

Your voice always calms my nerves and now I can listen to you whenever I wish.  Thank you so much for this gift.  Love and blessings.

I've Suffered with Lyme for Years and this has Been the Final Piece of the Healing Jigsaw  (Aug 20, KM)

After just 2 sessions of biomagnetism, I feel so different, so much better, I'm amazed to be honest.  I'm cautious but I'm optimistic.

Thank you for the session today it was magical (July 20 G).

 I had my first session in the woods today and what a magical experience! In the lap of nature surrounded by trees, bird song/chirps, the breeze even felt so soothing.
Susan's warm, comforting energy and nature's healing, nourishing has a synergistic effect. I felt so uplifted, calm, at peace and positive. In current uncertain times definitely recommend connecting to your inner strength in loving guidance of Susan.

Thanks a Million for your Help!   (June 2020 TN)

Hello dear Susan,  I am very nicely surprised with the results from the very first session with your treatment.  I am very pleased to inform you that my bleeding was relieved and it wasn’t needed to take any pills after you. Thanks a million for your help and looking forward to see you again.

Nothing has Touched my Pain Before! (May 2020 AG)

Dear Susan, just so you know, those magnets are a miracle.  I wore them either side of my ankle for 24 hours and no pain at all and I'm walking properly again after a year of pain.  Nothing has touched it at all before.  Thank you so much!  

I want you to know the work you do is lifechanging.... (Feb KG)

.... and contributing.  You answered your call to be a lightworker.  The world needs more of you as I feel the school education doesn't teach us how to face life, relationships and manage ourselves in this life journey.

It's Been My Turning Point....  (Feb 2020 AG)

Thank you Susan for your wonderful natural healing combination of biomagnetism, counselling, meditation, reiki and advice re diet, nutrition and lifestyle, which has hugely reduced my anxiety and depression, balanced my diabetes, lifted the polymyalgic rheumatism and infused me with new energy.  It's been my turning point, thank you!

In general, I feel much better  (Feb 2020 LI)

Today is two weeks since my first appt. In general, I feel much better. No pain on my back, No more new rash,  Feel more positive....

Shoulder Pain Completely Gone!  (January 2020 HB)

I went to see Susan in Summer 2019 for fertility and uterine health.  During the Biomagnetism scan she asked me if I had shoulder pain.  I hadn't told her this to begin with but yes I did because my job involves lifting.  In fact I'd had shoulder pain for ages and just lived with it.  She treated my shoulder with magnets and to this day I have had no pain!  I'm still astonished by it and when I'm ready to get pregnant I'll definitely go back for more Biomagnetism treatment.

Indian Head Massage (October 2019 AH)

It was an absolute treat to receive an Indian Head Massage from Susan.  Her professionalism, deep healing intentions and warmth was the perfect balance between gentleness and power.  It left me feeling calmed, uplifted and energised.  Thank you, Susan.  More, please!

Thank you so much Susan (AV July 2019)

Thank you so much for your help Susan, I really appreciate everything you did for me.

Biomagnetism Therapy is Like Peeling an Onion (D June 2019)

I am a 73 year old woman and have a complex array of health challenges, some going back 70 years.  I have had countless surgeries and 2 brain tumours.  My balance is severely compromised leading to some serious falls.  I eat healthily and take supplements but nothing actually resolved my issues.  When I started Biomagnetism a year ago it was like peeling an onion, steadily unravelling layer after layer of issues:  parasites, viruses, bacteria and inflamed tissue with small and sometimes major improvements after each session.  At my level of damage it has given me some real hope of further improvements which in turn has lifted my spirits.  I look forward to further treatment and will continue with this therapy with Susan.

Distance Healing made an Amazing Difference (R May 2019)

My attitude has changed and I'm much more comfortable with our family situation.  There is less fear and more peace and acceptance which has made us happier.  It's not easy to define but I know it worked. 

There is a personal touch in her approach  (Gur April 2019)

I had debilitating headaches for many years and medicine won't work. I felt I needed to look further and searching for various things I landed up at her site through Yell. Reviews made me contact her and after 1st session I was free of headaches for three months!(one of the achievement amongst other few), which was a miracle for me. She suggests a lot of practical things. She is available to you in between the sessions which is a great thing- one doesn't feels left on your own in between the two sessions. She suggests the remedies if you contact her(without being intrusive) after your visit, she follows up with the progress and is involved in your treatment. She is caring, warm and good at her job. There is a personal touch in her approach. Her intuition is great. She is wonderful in many areas- healing, nutrition, counselling to mention a few. Try it once and decide for yourself.

I've been Surprised by my own Success (March 2019 CHC)

I began coaching with Susan a year ago when I was struggling to find a job.  I now have my own business and I have learned so much about what I am capable of and what really doesn't matter!  I suffered such anxiety over work and now I'm in my power zone and I'm so grateful for that. 

I'm on a Spiritual Path (February 2019, SJS)

I went to Susan for an addiction problem and a year later I'm on a very different road. I didn't know I could feel peace. I'm so grateful. I have a long way to go yet but I don't feel helpless anymore.

Help from a Distance (January 2019)

I have recently started receiving distance healing from Susan and online counselling via skype.  It was hard for me to find the right person to help me where I live and I feel I've found the strength to make changes in my life.  I don't feel alone with my problems anymore and I'm looking forward with a newfound optimism.  Thank you!

I have my First Interview!  (GRG December 2018)

I have been working with Susan for almost a year, initially because I was ill and grieving.   She has helped me regain my health and most importantly taught me to think and act in a more positive way which has changed my outlook entirely.  I have my first interview coming up and I'm so much more confident and able to face the world again.

Comments from visitors to 'The Aspects of Healing' stand at The Mind, Body & Spirit' Expo at Birmingham NEC,  For Reiki Healing & Guided Meditation, (Nov 2018)

"I really loved the session with Susan.  I felt relaxed and at peace both during and after".

"Susan is lovely, she makes you feel very comfortable and is so easy to talk to".

"Amazing! I feel empowered and ready to face any challenge, thank you Susan".

 "I loved my session with Susan, I just feel more relaxed and happier!  Great words of wisdom from her.  Lots to be grateful for".  

Candida Treatment and an Angel to help me Think Differently! (ShfEgNov 2018)

I have been seeing Susan for a while now for candida which I have had for many years.  I feel so much better these days but wanted to try Ncode because Susan suggested my condition may also be linked to how I feel in my mind.  It is fascinating and has helped me to look at things in a very different way.  She gives me mantras to use between sessions and I have had two Ncode sessions which have really helped me with changes going on in my life.  .  

My NCODE Neuro Biomagnetism Therapy (Sept 18 Shrews)

I went to see Susan in July for NCODE treatment.  It was a new experience to help with issues that had often had impact on my thinking and responses or blocked me from moving forward in certain areas of life. Susan’s consultation prior to the treatment and explanation of how it works was clear. She proceeded to apply the NCode treatment which was calming and relaxing.  Thereafter, Susan explained my results along with advice on how to continue to promote the changes taking place in my thinking patterns which start from the NCODE treatment. 

Hours after leaving the session, I found I felt upbeat and positive with more energy.  It has been two months since that session.  Specific life issues and concerns that caused anxiety and deep levels of fear have had little impact on me.  Instead, I have remained more relaxed, clear thinking and calmer during stressful times.  Thank you for all your support and advice Susan.

Powerful Distance Healing Sessions (September 2018 Keira)

I am disabled and have my ups and downs.  This time I was in severe pain in my back and kidneys and I simply couldn't move.  I contacted Susan for urgent healing and she worked on me the same day with distance Reiki and Biomagnetism.  She told me what time she was going to start.  That night I slept better than I had for a very long time and I felt much better the next morning.  Truly grateful and would go to Susan again. Thank you.

Really Helpful ! (August 2018 AngelH) 

I had such a good experience with Susan in the biomagnetism treatment. I had the treatment twice and it has been really helpful. I feel much better about my pains and my worries. She is very lovely, I truly recommend it.

I Have my Energy Back (July 20th 2018 GR Green)

I had 4 appointments and I feel I have learned so much about myself and my health.  My diet and lifestyle have taken some hits and I'm glad of it.  I do feel my energy has returned and I realise I was actually hurting myself with some of my habits.  I'm so glad  I went to Susan and I will stay in touch. 

My Panic Attacks have Stopped (June 10th 2018 LJPink)

I have had regular Biomagnetism & Reiki sessions with Susan following a heart attack.  After the attack I felt anxious and afraid and after some time I started to have panic attacks where I would end up in A&E thinking I was having another heart attack.  Susan has helped me to understand my anxiety and to trust my body again.  I haven't had a panic attack for months and I finally feel safer, I feel I've found myself again, I'm so much stronger.

I've Learned so Much (May 20th 2018DBX)

I had heard a lot about Biomagnetism and wanted to try because I was sufferng from several irritating conditions which nobody could diagnose.  Susan was so helpful with her information and I ended up following a month long colon cleanse and new dietary regime  which has improved my health tenfold.  I recommend the therapy and the therapist.  Thanks

I can think clearly again (May 8th 2018 YellowRT)

I have had 3 sessions with Susan which have been a mix of Biomagnetism, Tapping, Reiki and Chakra Balancing.  I did not expect treatments to be so comprehensive, deep and I feel like a very different person to the one who walked into the first session!  I was in emotional turmoil and had no energy to deal with anything else but I have turned a corner and I'm feeling so much better on every level.  Thank you.

Positive and taking control  (March 9th 2018 SilverTV)

I was new to Biomagnetism.  Having trained as an acupuncturist, I have tried many practices and practitioners, and after my Cancer diagnosis I certainly tried many more. I found that the work I have done in my sessions with Susan the most valuable. Not only did I feel remarkably better physically after each session (she instinctively knew with her magnets all my pain points), but I felt I had a greater grasp on the issues I have to face with my ongoing cancer diagnosis. She helped me feel much more in control of my cancer and more importantly, my life- which for me has been invaluable. I am very grateful for the sessions I have had and will certainly have Susan as my first port of call in any challenging issue I need to get to grips with and understand how to resolve in the future. I highly recommend this practice.

Very Impressive Treatments (February 19th 2018,Purpleshirt43)

Both sessions with Susan have been calming and her treatments are gentle. During my first session, the scanning highlighted areas where the magnets were to be placed. I had had some previous minor discomforts in those areas picked up during the scanning which I had not discussed in the session. However, some magnets were placed on my cheek and mouth where I had had no problems. A couple of weeks after Susan's treatment, during a routine dentist appointment, the dentist spotted an unusual but minor issue during their check. 

Susan offered lots of relevant and helpful advice to enhance my health and she responds to feedback after sessions with more advice if needed.  The second treatment concentrated on my insomnia which started in May 2016. This has proved to be very effective as I have since slept soundly and able to get to sleep earlier at night. Long may it reign. Thank you Susan. Pauline

Bio-magnetic weight loss magic  (Goldcork62 Jan 9th 2018)    

 "I recently tried biomagnetic therapy to help me with weight loss. The treatment given by Susan who is a great therapist was very relaxing and put me at ease. After two sessions I have lost 2 inches on my waist and my appetite has definitely been suppressed - I will be continuing further sessions because I'm also learning so much about nutrition and health from Susan".

I feel so much better  (LisaJ-166 November24th  2017) 

 "I have been having biomagnetism treatments for a few weeks now and feel so much better. Bad rash on my leg has cleared up and cold sores gone. I went to Susan for panic attacks and high blood pressure . I have not had an attack since and my blood pressure has lowered. I will continue treatments because my health is definitely improving".

Feeling Energised, Rejuvenated and Relaxed"  (SandraB169 November 11th 2017) 

 "Two days ago I had my first session with Susan , who has a nice calm nature whilst remaining, very professional. I have a mixture of symptoms from menopause/hot flushes, lethargic, IBS and surviving on 3 hrs sleep per night. During my session I had a mini card spread which was so on point of my present career plans and changing family dynamics. I also had bio magnetism and chakra balancing. Mid way through the chakra balancing I fell into a deep sleep.  On waking and being guided by Susan to gently gain my composure,  I did feel very relaxed and at ease.  The last two nights - for the first time in I can not recall how many years I have gone off to sleep by midnight and woken at 7am whereas previously my sleep pattern was 2am to 5/5.30am. I feel very rejuvenated, energised and relaxed and will continue to have some more sessions with Susan".

Improved health and ability to deal with stress more effectively  (NB155 October 25th 2017)  

"Susan is a warm, welcoming person who takes the time to get to know your situation and what you would like to work on. My overall energy levels have improved by the work I have done with her, especially the reiki sessions and techniques to deal with stress effectively. I highly recommend Susan's services".

Caring and professional    (Kjs October 24th 2017)  

"Susan is a very warm person and I felt I was in very safe hands from the beginning. She really knows her stuff and takes the time to understand the issues before beginning treatment. I've found that the Biomagnetic Pair treatment has helped increase mobility in my joints following injury and I've had a reduction in swelling also. Interestingly, the process identified another issue, which she also treated.  I can also highly recommend her reiki work and meditation sessions which I have benefited from".

Great relief with stress and various health issues   (Blue10  February 6th 2017) 

 "Susan Saloom is very professional, has a lovely healing presence and great therapies to accompany it. I have a number of health and stress issues which Susan was able to alleviate with an effective combination of Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques and counselling. I can safely say that my last treatment with her left me energised and with a wonderful sense of wellbeing that I hadn't felt for a very long time".

HEALING HELP  (DianeW40 July 18th 2016)   

"EFT-'tapping' I found to be a great help to me in a variety of ways, some surprising.  It helped me cope with a very stressful time in my life involving a close family member who was in a critical condition.  Most surprisingly it helped me deal with severe physical pain brought on by injury.  The teacher was very professional and easy to be with and I would recommend her services to any one struggling with intractable issues".  


You will also find me on the Guild of Energists website,  the MSEC, Metaphysical Society for the Expansion of Consciousness, and RASA (Reiki and Seichem Association) - I am a trained member of these organisations.