Natural Healing & Biomagnetism

Dear Guest, 

February has flown by as usual !!  How are you doing with those NY intentions?  Extremely well I hope. But we always need a little more help don't we and I'm here to work uniquely with you.

It's often said the main problems in life are - health, money & relationships - and I'd go along with that!   I use a range of therapies to help you realise goals, make changes, let go of old energy and be the best you can be physically, emotionally & spiritually.  So click on 'Therapies & Bookings' for appointments and enjoy a 10% discount on listed prices throughout February.   

Visit me at The Natural Healing & Biomagnetism Clinic at Shooters Hill, Royal Borough of Greenwich or at the Hale Clinic in Harley Street, London W1.  Find me on their website  or send me a message from here and say you would like to book at The Hale. 

I have been an Energy Healer for 20 years and my own healing journey has given me the knowledge & experience to help others with illness and life challenges.  I specialise in Biomagnetism, Reiki Healing & Teaching, EFT 'Tapping',  Guided Meditation for energy clearing and wellness, Indian Head Massage and Holistic Counselling & Life Coaching.   If this resonates with you then please get in touch, I'd love to work with you.   

With Love & Blessings
Susan Saloom
'Helping You to Invest in Your Own Wellbeing'

Member of:-
- The Reiki & Seichem Association,
- The Guild of Energists
- The MSEC, Metaphysical Society for the Expansion of Consciousness
- Moises Goiz NCODE & Isaac Goiz International Biomagnetism Group
- Cieditena - The International Centre for the Study & Outreach of Natural Therapies

Please Note:   I am not a medical doctor, I am a certified Biomagnetism Therapist and Healer.  I do not practice medicine and will not ask you to discontinue any medication you may be taking or discourage you from consulting with your own doctor.  I am fully insured for the alternative therapies that I practice and will ask you to sign a disclaimer if you choose to work with me.  Thank you.