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The Natural Healing Clinic, Royal Borough Greenwich,
London SE18

Below is a list of therapies, prices (for appts at Greenwich) and information on each.   Appts can be one hour or as long as you wish.  If you have chronic health issues, we may need to work together for a while and in  these cases,  I offer discounts for block bookings paid for in advance.   To book or buy gift vouchers, please click the Contact page - click on the email link or complete the short form.

The Hale Clinic, Harley Street , London W1 

I offer all therapies at The Hale but please message me for times and prices as they differ from Greenwich.

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy (Biomagnetism)

Click on the Biomagnetism page for an explanation of how this therapy works.  Sessions are particularly good for people with illness but they are also good for general health checks and emotional blockages.  
Price, £90 per hour.  

Reiki Healing & Chakra Balancing with Crystals 

Hands on healing sessions are excellent for health,  emotional wellbeing and relaxation.  It can also be curative, identify areas of imbalance and help alleviate pain.  In our hectic lives, it's very easy to knock our ourselves out of balance and Reiki helps to restore and balance our energy.  These sessions can include Crystals and Angel Cards to help with specific issues. Price £60 per hour

Reiki During Chemo

It really helps to manage the physical and emotional effects of chemotherapy and is best done on the same day as the chemo or the following day.  Please contact me regarding sessions because I can offer discounts for those who need many sessions alongside their conventional treatment.

Reiki for Pregnancy & Childbirth  

Pregnancy can be an anxious time and these sessions are designed to help mums-to-be to relax, perhaps overcome sickness, overcome fears and generally embrace their pregnancy.   Unborn babies who have had Reiki in the womb often arrive more comfortably and happily in the world. Flower Formulas are also available for pregnancy & childbirth at additional costs determined at the therapy sessions.  
Price: £60 per hour for one session and discounts are available for those who wish to have sessions throughout the pregnancy and following birth.  Babies love Reiki too!

Distance Reiki Healing   

This can be as powerful as in person treatments.  I like to connect with the person if possible, online or phone at the beginning of the session.  I find it also helps if the recipient can be still and relaxed during our time together, wherever they may be.  I use divination cards, crystals and chakra balancing within the treatment, which helps intuit and maximise the benefit to the client.    £60 for an hour.  £30 for half hur sessions. To book, scroll down to the Contact form.

VIP Mentoring & Therapy Sessions

In person or online one to one sessions, half day or full day.  The sessions are completely tailored to the individual and include Mindfulness, Meditation and other Energy Clearing techniques, target setting and ongoing support. Please complete the short form on the Contact page with your interest and requirements.

Energy EFT (Energy Emotional Freedom Technique -  Tapping)

An energy raising & clearing technique that we will do together for whatever issues are challenging you.  It's a little like Acupuncture without needles!  We Tap on meridian points in the body and voice thoughts & emotions in order to raise energy and change patterns of behaviour.  It can be used for transformational change in any scenario, ranging from attracting more business success to dealing with addictions and phobias.   Price £60 per hour

Mixed Session

If you would like to mix your session to include all of the above then please ask to book a longer session.  Price £150 for 90 minutes. 

Therapy for Kids

Click on the separate page for kids but all of the above are good for them too.  Biomagnetism is a great way to test kids for allergies and other health issues.  'Tapping' is a useful and fun tool to teach kids to grow in confidence, stay calm and feel happier.  They can learn to Tap on themselves or on a favourite toy like a teddy or a doll.  Kids love crystals, meditation & visualisation too and it's never too soon to teach them creative practices like this.  Finally, walking, talking therapy for kids takes them out in nature - local Oxleas Woods - parents come too.
Prices:  Biomagnetism  £90 per hour.  Other therapies  £60 per hour..

Walk & Talk Counselling

Outdoor sessions in Oxleas Woods, Royal Borough of Greenwich, for both adults and children.  You will be encouraged to immerse yourself in nature whilst we work on the issues and challenges you face.  We will talk, ground ourselves, forest bathe, meditate and so on, unique to each of you.  These walks are for individuals but I also take groups, see 'courses and events' section.  
Price £60 per hour.

Courses and Events

See the 'courses and events' page for dates and prices of Reiki training Levels I, II and Master/Teacher, EFT Tapping, Meditation and other Self Improvement workshops.   I also do Reiki Attunements in person and distance for adults & children who would simply like them to have them for healing purposes (without the course & certificates).

Payments & Cancellation Policy

Payments may be made in advance via bank transfer or Paypal or cash on arrival for your appointment.  If you would like to block book then you can book 3 individual sessions, paid for in advance, and get a 20% discount.   Whilst I understand cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, please ensure you give 24 hours notice so that your appointment slot can be taken by somebody else or you will be invoiced for the cost of your session.  

How to Book: 

Please call me, Susan Saloom on 07905 110966 or click on the Contact page and follow the link.  I will get back to you asap.  I welcome your calls and messages and look forward to meeting you.

with Love, Light & Best Wishes, Susan 

Please Note:   I am not a medical doctor, I am a certified Biomagnetism Therapist and Healer.  I do not practice medicine and will not ask you to discontinue any medication you may be taking or discourage you from consulting with your own doctor.  I am fully insured for the alternative therapies that I practice and will ask you to sign a disclaimer if you choose to work with me.  Thank you.

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