Biomagnetism for Lyme Disease

Lyme is a complex, debilitating condition but with Biomagnetism and lifestyle changes, it can be managed and even cured.  It is contracted from tic bites and, from the experience of my clients, can also be transferred between partners, although this is a contraversial view.

A biomagnetic scan of the body, first determines whether the liver is showing imbalance indicating Lyme disease.  The full body scan will also show up other imbalances which are likely to be related.  Pairs of magnets (positive & negative) are then placed on the body at various points, aiming to break magnetic fields caused by trauma/pathogens and restore balance. 

After a couple of sessions with clients, I encourage them to use magnets at home in quiet, meditation time, to help the healing progress more quickly.

In my experience, a combination of biomagnetism, diet, gut health, lifestyle & mindset change are the key ingredients to overcoming this exhausting condition. 

If you are struggling with Lyme or chronic illness, perhaps you would like to work with me and you can contact me at  or 07905 110966.  Appts in Greenwich and Central London.

With love & light,


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