Meditation & Energy Healing in the Woods

My outdoor therapy room today!  This was a Metaphysical Guided Meditation and Reiki session for releasing thought patterns which no longer serve the present day for this client.  

You may wonder whether old programming, thought patterns, bad habits etc. ever really do serve well but judgement is best aside because there are always good reasons for the formation of our behaviours. 

Patterns form at a subconscious level, and we are often unaware of it, but the mind is very powerful and creative and responds in whatever way appears to work in order to help us survive, find peace, love, comfort, safety and so on.

These patterns can ultimately manifest as a certain mode of behaviour, a belief, a substance, comfort eating, excess drinking, drugs, gambling, any number of things.  

Yet our minds can automatically run outdated programming for years until it's obvious there is something wrong.  Our behaviour is no longer serving us well in our present time.  

Metaphysical energy healing helps to release these mental blocks - whether you know what they are or not - in a way that is very quickly transformational and empowering. 

Taking this form of energy healing outside is quite extraordinary because the wildlife tends to chime in along with us and can often help to raise issues buried deep within the lines of the inner narrative!  

With love and light, Susan x

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