Walking Talking Therapy for Kids

Helping kids cope with trauma and change can be tricky because they can't always articulate what they are feeling deep down.  Being in a formal setting makes it even more difficult for them,  but take them out in nature and it becomes a very different story.

Children can be deeply affected by change, especially if their parents separate or someone they love dies.  Dealing with issues like that doesn't come naturally to children, they just want to play and have fun.  

The grown up stuff causes fear and imbalance and this will often manifest as odd behaviour or even physical illness.  Kids tell us how they feel with limited spoken language and so we have to read their body language and behaviour to get the full picture. 

Outside in the woods, they can run around, hug trees, kick their boots off for some earthing, clamber over fallen trees, immerse themselves in nature and talk in between.  And, how they behave says a thousand more words!

For more information on walks and talks for kids in Greenwich, Oxleas Woods, contact Susan at www.naturalhealing-biomagnetism.com or call on 07905 110966.  Parents/Carers are of course welcome.

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