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Are Your Teeth Killing You? by Susan Saloom

Amalgam fillings are 50% mercury, one of the most dangerous chemical elements on the planet, and you can get them on the NHS.  We are also, on 'good advice', keeping dead teeth in our mouths with root canals.  In 2004, a Swiss doctor reviewed 150 clients with breast cancer and 147 of them had one or more root canals.   The Upper 1st and 2nd molars either side are on the same meridiens that pass through the breasts.  Our teeth are not simple pegs, they are part of the body as a whole.  So what about all those other aches and pains, is there a connection and what can you do about it?

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Kicking Habits for Good by Susan Saloom

Do you struggle with habits you just can't get past?  Perhaps it's smoking, drinking, over-eating, any number of things.  It's often a roller-coaster of success and failure where you fall back into it during times of stress or you transfer one bad habit for another.   It's because relying on will power and self-denial does not reach the root of the problem - it's like an old DVD in your hardrive which you just can't delete.  So how can you kick that habit and be happy doing it?

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EFT 'Tapping' Workshop March 13th 2018 by Susan Saloom

Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique 'Tapping' Workshop being held on Tuesday March 13th, 10.30 to 1.30 at Shooters Hill, Greenwich, SE London. This workshop takes a look at energy 'Tapping' and how to do it to enhance your health, success and wellbeing.  For further info visit www.naturalhealing-biomagnetism.com

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