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Happy 'Tapping' by Susan Saloom

We perhaps can't be happy all the time but we can certainly try! One of my tools for staying in the positive is Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, often known as Tapping.   If you don't know how to do it, come and learn with me...

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'Tap' Away Anxiety in Troubled Times by Susan Saloom

When it's not possible to meet in person, Skype is a great alternative face to face option.  Emotional Freedom Technique 'Tapping', which is an amazing way to bring down anxiety and stress, works really well on Skype.  As does guided meditation, coaching, counselling and distance healing with Reiki and Biomagnetism. 

 So don't be alone at this time, for online appointments, connect with me at:  www.naturalhealing-biomagnetism.com   or Susan.Saloom1  on Skype or call me direct on 0044 7905 110966

We need more love and light in these troubled times, Susan xxx

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Loving Yourself - Why is it so Hard? by Susan Saloom

Loving and caring for yourself is not selfish behaviour, it's essential behaviour.  So why do we tend to beat ourselves up with thoughts like:  I'm too fat, too thin, too unattractive, not clever enough, not confident enough, I don't have time for myself,  and so on....  We may also put others first long before we'll do anything for ourselves.  That's unsustainable in the longrun.  Strangely, many healers do this, hence the adage 'healer heal thyself'.   So why do we think & behave like this and what can we do about it?

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Learn Reiki Healing for Your Own Wellbeing & to Help Others by Susan Saloom

Reiki Healing is an energy healing system which helps you to stay happy & healthy, or to recover health and wellbeing.  It's a great route to thinking in a 3 dimensional way - mind, body and spirit - and that really is the only path to lasting health & happiness.  Wellbeing is a lifelong journey and Reiki is a wonderful healing modality to use on the way.  Read on for course dates in London in 2019. 

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Stuck in Old Patterns of Thought by Susan Saloom

We've all done this at one time or another -  filled our minds with someone who isn't there most of the time, or perhaps isn't there at all - a crush, a loss, a fantasy, an ex partner, an unpleasant colleague and so on.  But if our minds keep replaying patterns of thought which are not serving us in a positive way then it is very difficult to be in the present moment and direct our energy in a way that encourages happiness and progression.  So what can we do about it? 

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Kicking Habits for Good by Susan Saloom

Do you struggle with habits you just can't get past?  Perhaps it's smoking, drinking, over-eating, any number of things.  It's often a roller-coaster of success and failure where you fall back into it during times of stress or you transfer one bad habit for another.   It's because relying on will power and self-denial does not reach the root of the problem - it's like an old DVD in your hardrive which you just can't delete.  So how can you kick that habit and be happy doing it?

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EFT 'Tapping' Workshop March 13th 2018 by Susan Saloom

Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique 'Tapping' Workshop being held on Tuesday March 13th, 10.30 to 1.30 at Shooters Hill, Greenwich, SE London. This workshop takes a look at energy 'Tapping' and how to do it to enhance your health, success and wellbeing.  For further info visit www.naturalhealing-biomagnetism.com

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