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Mend Your Broken Heart and Start Over by Susan Saloom

There's no pain like a break-up and we've all been there!   But there is a fine line between real love and co-dependency and sometimes it's hard to know the difference.  Did we really feel loved and happy?  Did the relationship evolve over time and allow us the freedom to shine and be the very best we could be for ourselves and the other person? Grab a pen and paper and let's see if the following questions can shed some light on how it really was....

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Addiction is Catching by Susan Saloom

We're probably all addicted to one thing or another, some more harmful than others!  But, if you're parents had addiction problems then there's a good chance you've 'caught the pattern'.  It doesn't always transfer like for like and the pattern often lies cleverly camouflaged in the addiction - whether it be gambling, drugs, eating, sex, bad relationships or an infinite number of other repetitive behaviours.  So how do you break the pattern?

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You are as Important as Anyone Else by Susan Saloom

How is that so many of us think that we are not so important as others? We often think others are wealthier, more intelligent, more beautiful, more capable and so on... We can be incredibly self limiting and this is likely to be learned behaviour.  So how can we change our patterns of thought?

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The Fear of Cancer by Susan Saloom

The fear of having cancer treatment can actually be worse than the fear of the disease itself.  Terror kicks in and the body's fight or flight mechanism goes into overdrive and stays that way -  flooding the body with stress hormones.   It's called 'Diagnosis Shock' and it's a lonely, frightening place.  You'll be told you have few options and you'll probably be encouraged to rush into chemo for a cancer that may have been there for a long time already.  There's no time to think and in any case you can't think because you are terrified.  So what can you do?  

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